In recently completed European Championships for seniors in the city of Novi Sad, the Serbian team became European champion in the “50+” section. The title was brought by the grandmasters Miloš Pavlović, Goran M. Todorović, Siniša Dražić and Nenad Ristić and international master Zoran Arsović.

Second place goes to the team of Italy, which had three grandmasters in their team composition, and the third place went to team of Sweden. Particularly interesting is the fact that for the Swedish team successfully played the Swedish ambassador in Serbia, His Excellency Jan Lundin.

In the 65+ section the team of Russia, for which are playing the legendary grandmasters Sveshnikov, Vasyukov and Balashov made amazing result of all eight victories, and took the first place. The Danish team was the second, and Belgium, after they lost match in the last round against Russia, took third place.

Three top-ranked teams won cash prizes in the total value of 4,800 Euros in both sections.

Arbiters part of job was successfully made by a team led by Nebojša Baralić.

At the closing ceremony, musicians Olja Petrović and Aleks Čavar performed as well as the folk ensemble “Vila”, whose games from Central Serbia delighted visitors. Friendship was continued until late at night with a selection of wine and cheese, prepared by the organizer. Participants had only positive impressions about the organization of the competition, but there will be more words in the post-festum of the Championship.


In the sixth round of the European Senior Team Chess Championship, in section over 50 years, in the most important match of the round, and probably of the whole tournament, Serbian team won Italy with a minimal 2.5-1.5. Match was full of excitement and setbacks. On the 3rd and 4th table we could see lot reversals, and match is finally decided by victory of Zoran Arsović against Fabio Bruno.

The team of Serbia is now very near to conquer the first place – they will have one more serious match against Swedish team, which has maximal score till now, but is not rating favorite.

In section over 65 years, Russian team was relentless against Finland, and today free day had the “Gerontološki centar” team. These two leading teams will meet tomorrow, in the next 7th round. With the new maximal 4-0 victory Belgian team become a serious candidate for one of medals.

Today, in the morning hours chess players enjoyed an excursion which was made by tournament organizers. It was free for everyone. Players visited town Sremski Karlovci and Petrovaradin fortress. A special impression on our guests from abroad left the underground tunnels – “Catacombs”, the story how they were build and used as a defense of the fort.

With the 7th round tournaments are entering in the last third with decisive fight for the medals.


The Opening Ceremony for European Senior Team Chess Championships took place in beautiful ambient of tourist resort “Ribarsko ostrvo” in the city of Novi Sad. On the event participates 18 teams from 10 national federations, divided by two section – players over 50 years and players over 65 years. Championship is organized in 9 rounds Round-Robin System, and for the best placed teams there is a prize found 6000 EUR.

On the start of the opening ceremony, Anthem of Serbia was singing by Olja Petrović, student of gymnasium. President of Serbian Chess Federation Mr. Ratko Pižurica greeted all the team, guests and supporters:
“We are happy as federation to have such an honour to welcome chess legends and chess amateurs, as well. Serbia is a chess country and I am sure that our guests will be pleased with our hospitality in the city of Novi Sad.”

Member of Novi Sad city counsil, Mr. Ognjen Cvjetićanin greeted all participants and declared tournament open:
“The city of Novi Sad will be European Capital of Youth in 2019 and European Capital of Culture in 2021. We are very proud of it, but events like this one we have today makes the city of Novi Sad also the Capital of Sport, and we are glad because of it” – pointed out Mr. Cvjetićanin.

The start of the first round was marked by the honorable move made by Mr. Ognjen Cvjetićanin in the game between grandmaster Godena from Italy and international master Božić.